The Spirit of Elton, The Soul of Jules: One Musical Journey


Elton Jules

Welcome to the dazzling world of Elton Jules, the tribute act that resurrects the magic of Sir Elton John in a way that’s truly unique and heartfelt. On this special corner of, prepare to be whisked away into the flamboyant universe of a performer who doesn’t just play the hits, but breathes new life into the deep, resonant tracks cherished by the most ardent of fans.

Elton Jules is more than a tribute act; he's a passionate storyteller, weaving together the rich tapestry of Elton John's career with his own signature flair. From the thunderous applause that greets the opening chords of “Rocket Man” to the introspective hush that falls over the crowd during the soulful rendition of “Your Song,” Elton Jules captures the essence of the legendary artist in every note he plays.

Be it a cozy piano bar, a wedding party, or a grand concert hall, Elton Jules brings the same energy and passion to every stage he graces. His performances are not just concerts; they are musical experiences, inviting the audience to step into a world where the melodies of a legend come alive, note by note.


Elton Jules

Although Dr. Jules, the musician behind Elton Jules, is a very experienced piano entertainer, only recently has he embarked on a journey as a tribute act for Sir Elton John.

Given that he is still very much in a start-up phase, he can offer his services for the discounted rate of 250GBP for up to 2 hours of music. 

This price includes travel costs to a destination up to 75 miles from his base in St. Leonards-on-sea in East Sussex. Generally this will be long enough for three half hour sets and three costumes, or two longer 45 min sets with 2 costumes.

If you are interested in this offer, please use the contact form on this website mentioning "ELTONOFFER" in the text.

Elton Jules - Hastings Elton John Tribute Act for hire at Entertainers Worldwide