Dr. Jules & Friends

Dr. Jules and Friends, formerly known as The Big White Telephone, was born out of a synthesis between Dr. Jules, a pop-rock singer and pianist, and three jazz-influenced musicians of local repute, namely Olaf Erdmann, Ralph Schlunk and Rudiger Hartenstein Isler.The idea was started from a desire to appeal to different kinds of audiences. Presentation of pure jazz often fails to reach out younger people who often can only relate to more modern forms of music. Our music therefore offers a bridge between two worlds, pop-rock and jazz, and also offers the officianados with more of an interest in seeing virtuoso musical performances. Dr. Jules strong vocal performance and pop-rock delivery is perfectly balanced by the virtuosity of his partners in crimes, somewhat in the style of Bruce Hornsby  or Sting.

Since the bands inception the line up has seen many new faces, but the original philosophy has always been kept to.

Dr. Jules and Friends play a wide selection of cover tunes as well as a palette of original compositions that Dr. Jules has written over the years. Click the button below to get a full list.  While we pride ourselves on our original programme, we can also offer a wide selection of cover tunes selected from the fast 50 years, and if you have any ideas we will also be free to consider them.

The band can adapt its style to any type of occasion. Our flexibility means that we can play background music or as a full entertainment act you can get dancing and rocking to. We can play at companies, weddings, or jazz and rock’n roll clubs.

BAND MEMBERS (we play as a 5 piece maximally):


Dr. Jules (Vocals and Piano, omnipresent)

Dr. Jules hails from London and lived in Germany sbetween 1992 and 2011. Durinh his time in Germany he established a reputation as an excellent singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist (piano, guitar and bass) with many bands including The Werners, The Sidekicks, Second Take, Jack Ruby and the Oswalds and many others.


Ralph Schlunk (tenor, alto and soprano sax, flutes, omnipresent)

A founding member, Ralph Schlunk was born in Oldenburg, Ammerland, and studied Jazz at the Musical University of Hanover. He is an established musician on the North German music scene and has also been known to ply his trade in St. Petersburg. Ralph is also known from the Daily Blues Band, The Patrick Farrant Trio, Alive and Well and many other jazz projects.


Rudiger Isler  (6 string bass)

A founding member, Rudiger was born in Lübeck and has had a long established career as a bassist. Having studied classical bass at the Lübeck University of Music , he turned his attention to rock and jazz He has played in many bands at a local level where he is revered as a protagonist of his instrument. Amongst his other projects past and present include Die Beiden, Smell Yourself, Sammy and Friends, G Spot, and East West & the Cuckoos Nest.

Christian von Seebeck (bass and double bass)

A more recent member, Christian played with Jules many years previously with his guitar trio Jack Ruby and the Oswalds. Christian hails from Bonn and is well known in Lübeck, although probably better as a classical guitarist, and has run other bands of a more independent genre. He plays with many other projects in Lübeck, primarily as a bassist.


Michael Jessen (lead guitar)

Michael hails from the region and is well known from his successful collaboration with Thomas Melzer. He has featured with many bands locally and is highly revered.

Heiko Siebert (lead guitar)

Heiko was born in Lübeck and is a long friend of Dr. Jules, having played with him for 15 years with the Werners, and also earlier with the oldie band The Queee.  Heiko is an experienced guitarist who is also a regular with the Westernhagen cover band Pfefferminz, and played also with the reformed Johnny and the Hurricanes until Johnny Paris’s death in 2006.


Olaf Erdmann (drums)

A founding member, Olaf has played for many years with Jules, and also in his guitar trio Jack Ruby and the Oswalds. Olaf has been playing drums for nearly four decades, having travelled the world in that capacity with many bands, and across many continents. He is well established on the north German jazz scene and also has many TV appearances to his credit. Amongst his other bands include Scott Williams, Blue and Green, the Kustenrebellen as well as Ike Cole (the brother of Nat King Cole) .

Peter Miklis (drums)

A more recent participant, Peter is a highly experienced drummer in Germany and is generally respected as one of the best on the scene. His musical resume is a mile long, having studied drums at the Lübeck University of Music, and he has played with many headlining acts including Modern, Reinhard Mey, Juliane Werding, Heinz Rudolf Kunze, and Graham Parker and the Rumour.

Olli Sonntag (drums)

An occasional participant, Olli is also a highly experienced drummer in Germany and is generally respected as one of the best on the scene. His musical resume is a mile long, having studied jazz and drums at the Guildhall School of Music in London. Amongst the other bands he has played in include Max and Friends, Chameleon Monday and many others.

Oli Huber (drums)

An occasional participant, and most likely only going to participate if we get gigs in Thailand LOL. Oli played with the formaation several times before he sought more comfortable climes.